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We service and repair old communication equipment. We install and test phone computer speaker TV fiber optics communication cable along with testing .

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$ 32.99 27.99 per license

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Powerful Phone System Seamlessly add award-winning cloud voice to Teams and yget the features, reliability, and flexibility your business needs.

Free Demo with be install and programed by Professionals. with custom hold message for each group or department in your company. why not advertise or give out info customer is looking for why on hold to improve customer experience and save you time all in-one  system solution.

Home & Business Communications Since 1982 Contract License # C15B250 in good standing Since 04/15/2004 Click here to check license To check other company’s click here when you get to page click center tab (Business/Individuals) and enter the company name If you are a contractor your required by law to list you license number on all ads and contracts when doing contract work and when you line contract you only required to pay 10% down up to $1000.00 and not any more until the company starts work. You contract need what is to be done when its to be done and when you are to pay for work done if it is missing any of this it is not a valid contract and you may report them to DCC. Contractor must also carry at all time the pocket license with them.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets you access phone service over the internet. Calls are no longer dependent on old traditional phone lines. VoIP achieves greater functionality at a lower cost for businesses. This innovation means that sharing equipment with others are much cheaper than traditional phone service. Many business owners report cost savings up to 70% after switching to phone service to VoIP. These new phone and communications platforms many business features that boost productivity and one of the highest-rated VoIP providers for businesses. According to customer reviews published on Get VoIP, people enjoy its cost saving and service. With all types or clients and thousands of them, you can trust that NEC Univerge Blue Connect. will work in your business also just as well as it works forothers

NEC Univerge Blue Connect. helps thousands of businesses across nearly every industry communicate with their customers. Not only will its VoIP phone system lower costs, but it offers an array of features, including: Customer Relationship Management reports, (CRM) Email with voice file recordings with translation, voice calling on up to 5 different devices per user account, chat, and, SMS Productivity on all numbers , tools Case showing call in Q number of agents logged in call reporting time spent on customer calls, management tools, Voicemail-to-email, Online web faxing, Custom On-hold music and messages, On-demand call recording, all call recording, Conference calls

The call quality of cloud communications systems depends on the speed and reliability of your internet. You will hear a vast improvement in call quality compared to traditional landlines. NEC requirement is to install test Box for any customer with 5 phones or more and we do this on any customer starting with 1 phone to be sure our service is better than the Landlines. If you don’t have as much audio bandwidth, which can result in muffled or fuzzy calls. VoIP calls achieve this through HD Voice technology. The number of HD Voice calls you can handle will depend on how fast your internet download and upload speed is. Find out your internet speed by taking the VoIP speed test. We also have call log reporting on call quality.

Frist and foremost a company that has been in business for many years with a long good track record. Your requirements depend on how many employees you have and the features you need. NEC Univerge Blue Connect pro account can meet most needs. we’re able to satisfy the needs of tried-and-true businesses for more than 40 years as HBC and NEC have been around much longer . Some aspects you want to look for, include: Cost: Calling plans can be on a month-to-month basis or a contract Service: Will you need to be able to contact support during your business hours? with emergency services available to you when and if you need it. Coverage Area: Does the VoIP provider offer calling capabilities where you operate? Users: Does your VoIP provider give you the ability to manage service for multiple users? Functionality: What requirements does your business have that VoIP can fulfill? Will they setup and test entire system.

NEC Univerge Blue Connect. provides three main cloud communications plans:
CONNECT Essentials $23.95 per license / month
One user license includes Cloud PBX with unlimited local and long distance calling, ability to connect 1 phone device plus mobile and desktop apps, Team Chat, File Sharing (5 GB/user), and Video Conferencing (4 web participants per meeting).
CONNECT Pro $32.75 per license / monthOne user license includes Cloud PBX with unlimited local and long distance calling, connect up to 5 phone devices including mobile and desktop apps, Team Chat, File Sharing (50 GB/user), Video Conferencing (100 web participants per meeting), ENGAGE Core.
CONNECT ProPlus $32.95 per license / monthOne user license includes Cloud PBX unlimited local and long distance calling, connect up to 5 phone devices including mobile and desktop apps, Team Chat, File Sharing (200 GB/user), Video Conferencing (200 web participants per meeting), ENGAGE Core.
Free programing with +10 more Licenses$1,500.00 value
1/2 Off phones Yealink T54w
Many companies report savings of up to 70% after switching to VoIP. The more users and phone lines you use, the more you’ll save!

NEC Univerge Blue Connect. offers the flexibility of month-to-month service for business VoIP. To maximize your savings, NEC Univerge Blue Connect. provides annual plans. Not all VoIP providers offer monthly plans, either. And be careful of some annual contracts on the market, they may require payment upfront. NEC Univerge Blue Connect. does not require any upfront fees. If you end before one year prorated fee on phone that you got for 1/2 off will be charged.

No, you do not need to have an existing VoIP phone. Since VoIP phones adhere to approved internet standards, you can bring your own if compatible or, buy one1/2 off. You can skip the desk phone entirely and use the NEC Univerge Blue Connect app. Abdon your desktop phone and just use your laptop, or smartphone to complete calls over VoIP.